Brand Creation
A young and fruity brand with big ambition
Client: Senner Fresh

The Client

Super Fruits, a new company from Senner Fresh, imports the freshest and tastiest fruits from across the world, bringing premium quality to shops and restaurants of London and beyond. With all fruit going through strict quality checks the company aims to become known for its reliability and high quality.

The Project

We were tasked with bringing the business owner’s ideas and drawings to life, taking a rather unconventional approach to creating what he planned to be a luxury brand. We created a brand logo and colourful characters to support brand promotion. The main focus of the brand was to look different and to shout about its arrival.




The Challenge

Director Senner has a clear idea for the company branding and came to us armed with sketches and drawings. He wanted to create a stand out brand which looked completely different within a very crowded space, instantly attracting the attention of the buyers.

The Result

We delivered a loud and vibrant interpretation of the business owners drawings. Focussing on the fruits which would form the initial basis for the growing business we created likeable characters to continue the super hero and cartoon themed brand. The brand stands out in amongst the many standard boxes the industry is accustomed to receiving.

Senner Koscocan, Business Owner, Senner Fresh

“I had a clear vision for how I wanted the brand to look which Richard and the team delivered perfectly, I’m delighted with the results and can’t wait to launch the business.  ”

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