listening, doodling & drawing
that’s where it starts
but where can we take it!

Our relationships start by understanding you and your audience and end with brand value. Our experts deliver branding, design, logos, digital and web services to charities, start-up businesses, major brands and emerging brands. Our work helps brands to promote themselves, retain & entice customers and donors and increase brand visibility.

The Team

Richard Chambers Creative Director

Lisa Chambers Client Services Manager

Kevin Sullivan Website Developer

Tom Brennand Website Developer

Bailey Head of dog biscuits

Our story

When Crayon met Quill…

Crayon spent a few years downing pints at university and making friends with other colours on a degree in colouring in. Crayon then met its best friend Quill who had also been at uni sharing tapas and learning to think differently. They both went out into the big world and worked with Sharpies, Felt Tips and the odd colouring pencil.  One day the duo decided to put all their talent and knowledge on one piece of paper with a bunch of other like-minded doodlers and scribblers and created their best masterpiece to date – Design Chambers.

Design Chambers now spend all their time doing what they love; helping you to colour (not always between the lines) the detail of your brand, tell your story and create campaigns. Household name, charity, start-up or growing business, they’ll listen to your story, make you look good and help you to grow.

Our mission

We want to help you to change your world. From good idea to good cause. Our ideas, designs and creativity support businesses and charities with their plans to grow, support, influence and inspire.

The conversation always starts with ‘because we need a new brand/re-brand/website/campaign etc’ but people really choose to work with us because we invest our time, ideas and creativity in getting to know you and the things that matter to your brand. It isn’t just a job for us, it is an opportunity to explore your business and visually and creatively tell your stories and celebrate your work.

Come to us when you are ready to be ready. When you know you want to create something amazing but know you’re not quite ‘there yet’. Come ready to ask questions and be asked questions, to be listened to, to explore and to feel excited.


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