Brand Creation and website build
Showcasing portfolios and company missions
Client: Etec

The Client

From consultancy through to final designs Etec’s mission is to provide their clients with holistic advice and client focussed project management.

The Challenge

Sustainability and reliability are at the core of etec’s business so we needed to create a brand that aligned with those values. The website also needed to validate the team’s experience by showcasing the varied projects they deliver.

The Project

Etec’s directors were keen to launch their business with their expertise and quality at the forefront from the start. With their brand name, vision and mission in place we were tasked with creating a brand identity and website to match big plans for their business.

The Result

A brand colour palette and logo which puts the vision for sustainability at the heart of Etec’s business. The website’s home page leads you confidently through to the portfolio pages where the company’s recent projects are showcased, giving the required validation of skills and expertise to visitors to the site.

Lee Tomlinson, Director, Etec

“Design Chambers are diligent in their attention to detail and have met all of our needs. The final website is slick, vibrant and above all functional. Thanks Design Chambers.”

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