Digital and print campaign
A local focus on a national campaign
Client: Surrey County Council

The Client

Surrey County Council is a local authority in the southeast of England. The Multiply campaign is a government initiative aimed at those without a GCSE in maths. Adults are encouraged to attend free courses which develop maths skills with the objective of making everyday maths like homework with the children, home budgeting and maths in the workplace.

The Challenge

With skills for life and new Multiply branding in place we were tasked with ‘Surrey-fying’ the promotional materials across print and web. It was important that the materials conveyed a feeling that improving your maths knowledge could improve your life whilst also showing that those who struggle with maths can and do come from all walks of life.



The Project

The Multiply campaign aims to encourage adults to improve their skills and confidence in Maths and gain a qualification. Surrey County Council wanted to appeal directly to an audience of adults from diverse backgrounds and needs with regards to Maths.

The Result

Fitting 3 logos, particularly a large one, onto small collateral with important messages to deliver always has its challenges. We kept the rest of the design clean and focussed on the people and one key message to support the headline that help with maths is relevant to everyone.

Alison Sheard, Head of Brand an Design, Surrey County Council

“Richard always takes the time to find out what the focus of our campaigns is and how he can bring them to life. This project was not as simple as the final design makes it look. As always Richard delivered a creative solution, despite the constraints. Fab work Richard! ”

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