Promotional materials
Creating eye-catching designs to increase event participation and donations
Client: ZSL

The Client

ZSL (Zoological Society of London) brings conservation across the world to our doors in the form of an educational tourist attraction. Constantly engaging new audiences and raising the profile of the two UK zoos is a huge challenge and events form part of the conservation charity’s marketing.

The Project

If humans are going to turn into (a streak of) tigers and run naked through the zoo to raise funds then we can only imagine what the tiger’s view would be. That is exactly what we did, resulting in shock and horror from the onlooking tiger who featured on the event promotion.

The Challenge

ZSL needed an eye-catching logo and brand material to encourage people to join this huge fundraiser.

The Result

The whole look and feel of the promotional materials captured the fun and excitement of the event, increasing the number of participants in this outrageous challenge and those who put their paws in their pockets to raise funds.

Emma Taylor, Head of Commercial Development,  ZSL

“Design Chambers are a cherry-picked team of talented graphic designers, digital specialists and illustrators, who can deliver anything from children’s illustrated character development to above-the-line advertisements.”

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