Which ‘tone of voice’ do you use?

‘Tone of voice’ isn’t solely the ‘tidy your toys’ voice we remember from our childhoods. So what does it actually mean to your business and why is it relevant?

Tone of voice defines the way in which the character, personality and persona of your business is expressed through both written and spoken communications.

Here, we reveal the benefits of a good tone of voice when connecting with customers.

It helps to build trust

Clients, both existing and potential, will begin to create a perceived image of your brands personality based on the tone of voice you apply. If this image appears to be positive and friendly then these customers are more likely to trust and familiarise with your brand, once getting to know you of course. However, tone of voice is not something that can simply be switched on and off. If you want a level of trust to be maintained, it’s essential that communications across all customer facing areas show a consistent tone of voice.

It helps your brand to stand out                                                    

Similarly to building trust through a positive image, having a strong and consistent tone of voice will result in clients connecting a professional persona to your brand. This may give the brand an edge over competitors, as many companies invest little time in ensuring that a tone of voice is handled correctly. Going above and beyond to ensure your brand is professional at all times can only be positive in making you stand out.

It helps to attract your ideal customer

Choosing a particular tone of voice should be viewed as a way of marketing your brand to a certain audience. For instance, in very simple terms, if wish for your brand to appeal to parents then presenting as warm and informative would be beneficial. Alternatively, a formal and authoritative tone of voice would be suitable for business customers.

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