What’s new in The Design Chambers…

Don’t panic, we haven’t replaced Bailey the resident pooch, far from it. We have saved poor Ollie from a summer sunning himself and swanking around.

Ollie says…

“Currently, I am a studying my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at De Montfort University. However, after completing my second year of studies, I am now enjoying the summer holidays.

Before I made my return home to Hertfordshire for the summer, I was lucky enough to meet up with agency owners, Richard and Lisa Chambers. I pitched my career vision and the skills I have gained so far to them and was delighted when they welcomed me on board.

As more of a personal incentive, I was enticed to the job role after it was expressed in our meeting, that the team would be dedicated to training me in creative areas of the business whilst I in turn act as a valuable asset to the company.

Ultimately, I am intrigued to discover what the next few months have in store for me. I genuinely cannot wait to assist various businesses and their brands in any way that I can.”

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