What is the point of a re-brand?

It’s no secret that many of the world’s most successful brands have invested heavily in huge re-branding projects over the years. But is this really necessary? Why do they do it?

Revitalise your image

Your brand logo, slogan and guidelines may have been created in perfect harmony when you first came onto the scene. However, as times change a brand can become dated and no longer reflect your business. A strong re-brand can ensure that your brands image remains positive and appealing to consumers in current market environments.

Windows branding from 1985 – 2012


Connect with a new audience

In some cases, you may find that your brand is becoming stagnant or losing sales from a once engaged audience, highlighting the need to re-connect or appeal to a completely new consumer. This is where re-branding can help as a new focus can be found which engages with a refined audience, ultimately stimulating business growth once again.

The re-branded Coca-Cola logos over the years.


Differentiate from competitors

If you own a company or brand of any sort, then it is likely that you will have to contend with a vast amount of competition offering similar products / services. Re-branding can be an excellent way for a brand to come across as more exclusive and perhaps more unique then its competitors. This doesn’t solely mean through appearance, but also a more appealing and standout personality.

The re-branding of Instagram.


Add value to your brand

Re-branding can actually add value to your brand by demonstrating growth and success. Potential consumers will be able to recognise the investment and effort you are putting into the future of the brand, in turn indicating a professional personality.

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