Visual design power in small businesses

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In a time when good first impressions has never been more important, it should be a priority for small businesses to make sure they have put adequate time into the graphic and visual design aspects of their brand.

Making a brand memorable

If you were asked to identify the branding from a company such as Apple, then you would have absolutely no trouble, right? Why? Because Apple have recognisable, consistent graphic designs right the way through their company face.

Well, the same concept applies for small businesses. Consistency and attractiveness in a brands graphic designs will make the business memorable, allowing for it to be easily recognised by potential customers. Everything from imagery, to colours and the typeface involved in the designs, should seamlessly come together in order for a brand to be memorable.

Being different from the rest

Not only can strong visual designs help to improve a brands perceived worth, but they can also allow for potential customers to easily differentiate a brand from a vast amount of competition. Many small businesses do not invest into the customer-facing visual aspects of their brand, then wonder why potential customers may be looking elsewhere for a similar product / service. Small businesses with designs that stand out will have an advantage over competitors.

Good designs make content user friendly

Pretty much everyone with a computer has at some stage clicked off of a website, for the simple fact that it isn’t user friendly enough. All interactive technologies associated with a brand should be easy for potential customers to navigate, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. This gives the business a professional personality and entices in customers.  “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs.

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