Thank you very much…

We love looking at, considering and writing about brands, re-brands and re-freshes but one centered around chocolate was too good to miss!

Take a look at the new Cadbury Roses brand re-fresh.  We think the end result nailed the brief perfectly.

Working with iconic brands is always exciting but fraught with danger, despite these changes being lead by consumer feedback. Cadbury received complaints that chocolates within their tins were unwrapping, they responded by changing the chocolate wrapper and the tin and incorporated a re-fresh of the Roses brand.

Hitting that balance between respecting the traditional and moving forward with a modern twist is a difficult balance says Design Chambers Creative Director Richard, but I definitely feel that balance has been reached, the ‘thank you very much’ has been incorporated into the rose, the design is simple and looks familiar despite the changes. I particularly love the subtle changes to the font to make it more rounded and rose like.

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