Pringles: Are they Multigrain or Multigran?

  • Image Credit: Gavin Peters, Twitter

The thought of a huge typo on a piece of literature or ad-campaign is something that always causes anxiety, stress and even the odd sleepless night for design teams. No matter how much you check, tell your client to double check, check again and get approval; it is always something that worries you. We always breathe a huge sigh of relief when we receive that final brochure or get that first glimpse of that advert or billboard and get confirmation that all is well.

I can only imagine how the designer, and the team that signed off the artwork, for Pringles’ huge poster on the London Underground for ‘multigran’ felt when they saw the typo shouting down at them from the heights of the billboard.

Twitter didn’t fail to amuse with the many responses to the mistake, “What is multi gran? Is it many grans? Explain!! or “How many old ladies make one tube?”

The Specsavers team came up with, in our view, the winning response, tweeting to ask the marketing team for a “block booking”.

Pringles social media team responded with witty grace on Twitter, stating that they were “taking it all with a gran of salt.”


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