Born in 1982, getting younger by the day

Introduced in 1982 under the Coca-Cola trademark Diet Coke was the first extension to the Coca-Cola brand. It followed Coke’s journey to success and quickly became the world’s leading low calorie drink. The has brand enjoyed a creative journey with top designers such as Jean Paul Gautier designing for the brand. However, with declining sales the brand is again looking to rejuvenate itself and this time has turned to the millennial market for inspiration.

What’s different about the new look Diet Coke?

The brand has spent the past few years researching what young Americans want from a low-cal or no-cal drinks brand. It has chosen to extend its flavours in the belief that stronger and more diverse flavours are the answer.

New colours and flavours

New flavours also gave the brand the opportunity to liven up its colour palette. The new look carries the flavor name, represented by the colour on the packaging and new cans give the brand a sleek new feel.

Going vertical

The brand has also moved its ‘high line’ red disc to a vertical position, carrying the brand name and flavor colour, with the rational being that this move shows the progressive, ‘on the move’ essence of the brand and its consumers.

The brand hopes to be similar enough to the existing diet coke brand not to alienate existing drinkers but refreshed and modern enough to appeal to a new generation of coke fans.


Typography on the brand name has been tweaked to preserve its heritage but hint towards the future of the brand.

Changes are being rolled out throughout the USA and Canada changes in the UK market to follow.

introduction of slimline and flavour dependent colours on diet coke cans


So what are our thoughts?

The decline in sales is probably the last indicator that the brand needed a re-fresh. The low/no cal drinks market is progressive and growing and the brand has acted just in time to relate to a younger market. We think the brand has achieved its desire not to alienate its existing market whilst attracting the millennial market with its design changes.

Is the change enough? Yes. The brand is recognisable, its message clear and diversifying the product requires some stability from the brand. We are excited to see the marketing materials which will accompany the re-brand as this is where the brand can really pack some punches.

See the Diet Coke re-brand in action here


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