What happened to the pig?

  • new moonpig logo with zero gravity font and porcine pink background

The end of September saw online personalised card giants Moonpig unveiling their first re-brand since their launch in 2000, and the surprise, the disappearance of their comic pig. Identifying yourself as an online retailer no longer necessitates the inclusion of .com in your company name so its removal is an obvious and welcome change, but has the removal of the pig enhanced or devalued the brand?

So why re-fresh the brand now?

Moonpig explain the reason for their re-brand in simple terms – ‘We launched way back in 2000 and quite frankly think about what you were wearing in 2000 and what you’re wearing today’ and when you think about it like that, the pig has definitely had his day. So much has changed for the business and its customers in the last 17 years that a re-think on the brand strategy and design was overdue. So, as a company whose aim is to make people smile, does the new brand reflect the product and the ethos?

former logo for moonpig featuring their cartoon pig

The re-fresh offers a more modern and mature brand centered on typography. The notion of escaping to the moon continue with a bespoke gravity free font and a flavor of pigginess still exists the lead porcine pink colour. The company ethos of fun and delight shows through in the font and its usage and we believe the brand as a whole is more in tune with the ever growing customer base and product offering.

branded boxes delight the customer receiving new moonpig branded gifts

What do we think of the new brand?

We love that the essence of the former Moonpig style has been brought through to the new brand so cleverly and sensitively. We are big fans of the simplistic approach the brand has taken and are confident the style is much more suited to today’s audience.

Have the pig and the cheeky humour we associate with Moonpig gone forever? Take a look at the oo in Moonpig, the pig remains but is more subtle.

So what did happen to the pig, check out moonpig’s Hogumentary to find out

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