How the Lush fragrance lingers: great lessons in customer service

  • Simple black and white Lush logo on shop front

You always know when you’ve walked past a Lush shop, the smell hits just before you arrive at the store and lingers long after you’ve passed it. So how do you translate such a memorable experience throughout the rest of your brand?

The smell that identified the lead up to Lush, intensified as you walked past and then persisted as you walked away is replicated when you visit their online store. Their brand is there for you to enjoy, experience and access. Like all good consumer brands it is owned and loved by its users.

Shopfront to homepage

You are welcomed to the Lush brand as a whole the minute you hit the homepage. The site focuses on user experience, thought has gone into what may interest customers, product searches are easy with simple menus as well as a search facility. You are given samples of information via great content, small reviews and recommendations of products. Products are shown without packaging, core to Lush values, and instantly demonstrating colours and textures. You are left with a lasting impression that you, their customer, is important to them with easy to find contact numbers and returns policy.

Their brand commitment to being natural and animal friendly is evident throughout their product information and page footer. The brand is open and transparent about its ethics and products and it wants you to know it.

Creating a stink

Your brand may not have an olfactory impact but by putting your customer at the heart of your brand you can replicate the experience they have at each stage they join you. Create or share content which interests or informs your customers, make interaction easy and provide simple access to your products and you can’t go wrong. Sharing your brand is the ‘soothing and antioxidant’ cherry on the top.

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