ITV rebranding

Last week saw the significant revamp and launch of the new ITV logo that follows the major re-organisation of the network.

The colourful new look has been introduced across all of the network’s channels giving them a coherent new look.

So why change?

“The rebranding of ITV will allow us to further cement the relationship in viewers’ minds between our shows and the ITV brand that produces and broadcasts them. We now have a consistent identity across everything that we do, all rooted in our positioning as a media brand that is at the heart of popular culture. As with any new identity system for a well-known brand, it will take some getting used to. The scheme has a lot more personality that the previous ITV system.”
ITV’s Rufus Radcliffe, group director of marketing and research.

In conclusion, I believe the logo redesign is really strong; I love the use of the cursive script font; it straightaway feels more modern and friendly than its predecessor. This modern look is also conveyed in their use of colour, although there appears to be a set of really strong primary colours in the ITV logo, I think the introduction of a chameleon like quantity (ideal for screen) is a fantastic way for the brand to be able to adapt to any programming e.g. A more sombre tone for the ITV News and World in Action and a more vibrant tone for light hearted and fun programs such as Dancing on Ice and The Cube.

Branding remains key to business success, so if you are looking to re-brand your business give us a call.

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