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Here at Design Chambers, we are very proud to have worked on the branding of a new Golf-Networking group that is to be launched at the beautiful Manor of Groves Golf Course in Hertfordshire on the 9th March 2023.

Why golf networking?

A lot of business is done on the golf course. Golf provides a player with an enormous opportunity to build a huge network of friends. You could also call this ‘golf networking’.

The aspirations for this golf-networking group is to re-invigorate the networking sector. Move away from that stuffy stifling reputation that a lot of network groups have. Hosting a networking group on a golf course, immediately means that it offers an open-air environment where business questions can be aired and shared, and support offered away from a traditional board room or office.

This golf-networking group isn’t the first of its kind, but its USP is that it will create opportunities for business owners and managers who enjoy, or want to enjoy, golf whilst meeting, growing and succeeding in business together.

The Brief

Design Chambers brief was to create something modern, fun, bright, exciting, something unique and very different to the traditional networking logos that are already in existence.

It was also important that the logo didn’t look elitist. It also needed to have impact on the tiniest app and the largest billboard”

The name, logo and brand

The early bird catches the worm (idiom):  a saying that means someone will have an advantage if they do something immediately, or before other people do it (Cambridge Dictionary).

We believe you can go one better and that it is actually the early birdie that catches the worm.

Birdie (noun): in golf, an act of getting the ball into the hole in one shot (= hit) less than par (= the expected number) for that hole (Cambridge Dictionary).

The brand logo is simply a bird on the end of a golf club that is broadcast and digital ready. It looks great large or small. It works with the injection of a bright, brave modern colour palette ensuring that it works as well on an app icon as well as any other touch point.

The typeface is modern and its weight balances well with its iconology.

The whole design aesthetic encourages people and businesses to get involved – the essence of user-friendliness.

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