Giraffe re-brand

Earlier this month we witnessed the Giraffe restaurant brand taking on a new identity, whilst re-positioning itself in order to appeal to a wider audience.

The re-brand showcases the restaurant’s heritage and personality and has a great focus on design. Not only has the brand been renamed Giraffe World Kitchen, but there is also use of new colour schemes and a revitalised logo to spice things up.

What is the focus of the brands identity?

Aimée McLaughlin of Design Week, describes the new brand identity of Giraffe World Kitchen as focused on the original intentions of the restaurants founders. These founders wanted to travel the world, whilst discovering and ultimately bringing back their favourite dishes along the way. The ‘World Kitchen’ concept fits in nicely with this new identity, physically echoed by the restaurants range of global dishes on the menu from Mexican, to Turkish and American.

A varied set of vibrant colours such as green, yellow and orange have been used in the design of the restaurants packaging and menu layouts. Again this works well in reflecting the brands identity as a restaurant bringing the variety of the world to its consumers.

Giraffe re-branding design


Our thoughts 

The improved brand logo is particularly pleasing as the inclusion of single large ‘F’ in the word Giraffe, has clever unspoken connotations of exactly that, a Giraffe!

The brand has been given a more organic yet modern design, whilst not straying completely away from the values that have clearly suited the restaurant well over recent years. We are confident the brand will be successful in keeping their existing family based audience, whilst also appealing to a slightly wider and younger generation.

A re-brand at its best! Read more here.

Giraffe rebranded as Giraffe World Kitchen by Ragged Edge

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