What’s your strapline?

You have 10 seconds to think of 3 straplines…. GO….

Which straplines did you think of first? I’m hungry so was thinking about dinner tonight and ended up with Ahh Bisto! Beanz Meanz Heinz and Every Little Helps. What were you influenced by?

Straplines are a fantastic part of your marketing armory. Creating a strapline which is memorable instantly connects people to your brand and keeps reminding them of your brand. Whilst your logo is is a visual representation of your brand, your strapline is an aural mark for your brand.

Some of the most memorable straplines have forced their way into every day use. In 1988 Nike launched its ‘Just do it’ campaign in an attempt to bring the brand to the masses. The strapline and the accompanying campaign won the brand the intended spot as a fashion shoe retailer. The strapline has, like all good ones, taken its place in everyday language. In frustration when your toddler won’t do as he or she is told you mutter the words, Just do it and a visual tick falls across your mind’s eye as Nike’s strapline resonates in your head. A visual touch point to the brand is created without you having seen or heard the brand name.

Travel Agent Thomas Cook have recently re-launched their ‘Don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it’ strapline. The strapline was used throughout the 80s and 90s with a brief resurgence in the late 00’s. The strapline has almost become more relevant to the business now than ever before. With more people self-booking holidays online offering reassurance to those using their service is key. The strapline invokes a sense of security, reminding consumers of the brand’s history and staying power. Looking forward, it also allows the brand to use it as a mechanism for story telling. Holidays create stories and the brand is able to demonstrate how good a Thomas Cook holiday is. Let’s see if a new generation are heard to say ‘Thomas Cook it’ when told ‘book it’

Ready to create a strapline for your new business or product line?

  1. Focus on what is important to your brand
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Be relevant to your audience
  4. Make it memorable

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