Creating a Creative Agency

Creative agency Design Chambers started out as a crayon.

It spent a few years downing pints at university and making friends with other colours on it’s degree in colouring in. It then went out into the big world and worked with Sharpies, Felt Tips and the odd pencil to name a few. Crayon decided to put all its talent and knowledge in to one place with a bunch of other like-minded colouring in and writing friends and created its best masterpiece to date – Design Chambers.
Today Design Chambers creates, enhances and supports brands throughout the UK. Whether a household name, charity, start up or growing business, we want to hear your story. We’ll then help you to colour (not always between the lines) the detail of your brand and tell your story.

Meet Richard

Richard, our Creative Director, is the aforementioned crayon.  He is open and honest about the fact that design was his first love. ‘As a child I loved sketching and drawing, if I wasn’t playing football I would be drawing.’ When hopes of playing for his beloved Watford FC were shattered, he blames a tear to his crucial ligament, he concentrated on making it as a Designer. ‘The dream was always to own a creative agency’ he explains, ‘I have had the benefit of working with some fantastic designers, marketeers, editors… I was able to learn how design fitted in to an overall picture and make brands and campaigns more successful by uniting all the different elements. Every success and every failure has shaped how I run Design Chambers and we are building something great for our clients.’

So which are Richard’s favourite brands?

‘I can’t choose from the brands I have created or worked on, that would be like having a favourite child’ laughs Richard ‘there are lots of brands I’m really proud of.’ When talking about brands he hasn’t worked on Richard is less caged ‘I would say from a logo point of view that Amazon is one of my favourites. I love logos with hidden detail. The A to Z works on so many levels for the company and rightly inspires many of their marketing campaigns.’Amazon logo highlighted the smile and A to Z

Which brands influence Richard?

‘I have to say Apple. Not because I’m a designer but because they constantly remind me that less is more. Their use of white space is fantastic and something that many brands, particularly up and coming brands could take a lesson from. When you only have a small amount of space you need to leave people with a message, not the entire story.’

Apple utilises white space

Favourite campaigns?

‘Anything that makes me laugh is a winner. I loved the 2007 Cadbury gorilla advert. It is etched on my memory, particularly since a friend re-enacted it solo in the middle of my local pub. If I hear Phil Collins I think Cadbury!’ See the Cadbury gorilla’s moves

‘I have also enjoyed watching the John Lewis TV campaigns over the last few Christmasses. The 2016 Buster the Boxter ad really made me laugh as our Cockapoo Bailey could have been the inspiration for that ad! I loved the way they united the TV advert in store, digitally and even down to the merchandise. They really have tried to explore the entire marketing spectrum to promote their brand.’

Any advice for up and coming designers?

‘Get as much experience as you can during college / university breaks. The contacts you make when you work in the industry are as valuable as the experience you gain. Send your CV everywhere, but remember you are a designer so a standard Word CV on its own won’t always impress, send a designed CV too. Phone people, chase down every contact.’


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