Colin vs Cuthbert cake spat

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When it comes to adverts, I can’t wait for Christmas. Since my children were born I have had a reinvigorated love for Christmas and all things Christmassy.

It has become a month long celebration of all things magical, glittery and there is a dominance of Christmas based activities. When all the fun and sparkle got a bit too much for the babies I discovered Christmas adverts, I remember fondly one pre-Christmas afternoon, we were exhausted from playing in the snow, getting warm again and playing in the snow on repeat. We had friends with us and decided to chill out for a while by watching some tv. Too young for full on movies we planned to watch Stick Man but putting the TV on took us down a different route, the Christmas tv commercial. We started with the classic John Lewis ad and then ended up in a YouTube afternoon of Christmas Mog the cat, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and lots of family/supermarket food-based stories.

Colin the caterpillar

Clearly Christmas comes but once a year so advert watching for the remainder of the year then becomes a bit hit and miss, but there is one story which has kept evolving, albeit largely on social media, which makes for a good watch, Aldi vs Marks and Spencers. The newest piece of rivalry between the supermarkets is out and it fills the Christmas advert gap perfectly. The advert, set at a children’s party, sees the protagonists Colin the caterpillar (Marks and Spencers iconic children’s birthday cake character) and Cuthbert, Aldi’s version of the same cake come to blows in a very apt argument over who is the best. Thrown in for good measure are Morrison’s Morris and Wiggles from Sainsbury’s. If you have followed any of the Aldi vs M&S social banter you’ll understand what a great advert this is. I’m simply tickled by the childish humour and delighted by the tiny spark of Christmas magic the advert brings. Thanks Colin and Cuthbert, you might just tide me over until November!

Fancy a giggle? Take a look at the advert

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