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Recently Coca-Cola Co. announced that the Coke Zero brand would be getting a complete re-vamp, including a new name and improved taste. This is to be supported by a £10 million marketing campaign.

Many seem to like the idea of change, whilst other loyal Coke Zero drinkers are upset over the news. We are here to explore the decision in more detail.

What will the re-brand be called?

It was once known as Coke Zero, but now it will be referred to as… Coca Cola Zero Sugar!

Okay, so to some this may sound like a pointless way of extending the brand name for an unknown reason, however Coca-Cola have a logical explanation. The name change is thought to be clearer about the products aim to deliver great Coke taste with zero sugar.

What will it look like?

The refreshed brand will make use of an iconic red disc on the classic Coke Zero black background. Coca-Cola hope that the design change will support the company’s “one brand” strategy of bringing all Cola-Cola brands together, whilst boosting the promotion of low sugar options.

Why change the taste?

Changing the taste of a successful soft drink brand is an incredibly brave but risky move. Coca-Cola will not need reminding of the time they altered the taste of the original Cola product in the mid 80’s, resulting in a huge fall in sales and much negative publicity. Nevertheless, the reason behind the taste alteration is to “optimise the unique blend of flavours that gave Coke Zero its real Coca-Cola taste”.

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