Creating stand out charity campaigns

How do you make your charity campaign different?

Everyone needs your money, every cause is good and worthwhile. Some are local, some are pioneering, some support stories close to home. With all the different attempts from different charities to earn a place in donor’s hearts – charity fundraising is a busy, overcrowded place.

Charity campaign challenges

London charity ‘Hands on London’ made a fantastic effort in the busy streets of London to create something different and draw attention to their ‘Wrap Up London campaign’. They didn’t tell shoppers, commuters, Londoners anything they don’t already know. There is homelessness in London, Londoners, visitors, shoppers, walk past homeless people every day. Everyone has an opinion on Homelessness, yet the charity’s biggest problem is that nobody sees it. So they set out to change that.

Wrap up London

How did the charity’s campaign make an impact?

Working from the standpoint that we all know about homelessness but don’t see it the ‘Wrap Up’ campaign focussed on other figures throughout London who are ‘seen’ everyday but become invisible. Statues. Our own lives become our focus and once we have seen something a few times it becomes normal and we don’t see it anymore. By simply putting coats on these statues they again became visible, noticeable and a great way to create a talking point.

Every statue’s red parka coat had the charity’s call to action stitched on a label. Social Media and PR interest from Radio stations and print media carried the message of how and where to donate coats making it possible to meet the aim of not increasing campaign costs.

We weren’t shamed, cajoled or guilted in to donating, we were simply shown the obvious and the obvious solution highlighted. We weren’t asked to donate money, just to give away something we no longer had a use for. That left space for the charity to leave us with longer lasting messages to help future campaigns.

The charity campaign aims

  • Increase donations of unwanted coats by 50%
  • Don’t exceed 25,000 donations
  • Create awareness of homelessness

The campaign successes

  • 2.5 million social media impressions
  • Marketing Week award
  • Over 24,000 coats collected
  • 50% of donors cited the campaign as the reason behind their donation
  • 200% increase in support enquiries

    Our views

    ‘The success of this campaign lies in its simplicity. The fact that you look at the campaign and think it was obvious is what we love most. Anyone could have thought up the idea. We encourage all our clients to look at the obvious, then we can unearth a gem of an idea!’

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