Your charity’s annual report

Do you really want to read your annual report? Do you use it as a door stop? Let’s look at how to make it a more engaging and interesting document…

Traditionally the annual report was a document solely showing how a charity had performed financially in the previous year. Often a plain list of facts and figures reporting the ups and downs of the previous year.

So what is the future of the annual report?

Telling the annual report story

No longer a black and white document annual reports are now more inventive and interactive. Tradition remains and most annual reports are still printed material. The need to display annual reports on charity websites gifts designers with creative annual report alternatives; websites, interactive reports or simply more interesting and colourful, annual reports are now designed to be read.

Content wise annual reports are now more brand aware. Brand purpose often features at the start of the document and brand stories are explored. With more companies meeting their corporate responsibility charities are also able to share case studies of the businesses they have worked with over the year and put the financial facts and figures into real results representation. We see stories of how donations have positively affected communities, individuals, animals or causes. The reader is truly able to see in one document why you do what you do and the results.

The annual report is now a great way to celebrate the successes of the past year and reflect on financial decisions and their impact. The annual report is now a living, breathing representation of the charity and the work it does.

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