Burger King creative marketers of the year

This year at the Cannes Lions international festival of creativity, Burger King team members received the creative marketers of the year award.

After seeing some evidence of their marketing campaigns we have to agree, the fast food restaurant more than deserved this title.

So what did they do to achieve this?

One of their marketing campaigns was intelligently designed, based on meeting an objective ‘to get young people talking about the Whopper Burger through social media’. A recent video in an article produced by Ad Week, reveals that Burger King did this in the USA, by utilising Googles voice recognition technology within a TV ad. In this short 15 second ad, a man posing as a Burger King employee asks Google what a Whopper Burger is.

This subsequently activated thousands of young viewer’s mobiles, causing the Whopper to be Googled on their devices. Soon after, young people could be seen all over social media talking about the ad which had cleverly used smart phone technologies to its advantage.

But Burger King did not stop there, as they had more innovative marketing ideas up their sleeve.

During the Halloween period in New York City, the company decided to dress one of their restaurants up in a giant ghost’s costume. This stunt was once again successful in sparking huge amounts of conversation related to the restaurant, across various social media platforms. The fact that the giant costume had ‘McDonalds’ wrote on it, helped the stunt to become a talking point, as people saw the humorous side to provoking the competition.

A final note

We have enjoyed the fun element to Burger King’s marketing campaigns this year. The restaurant brand essentially created funny, memorable moments which many people wished to share with each other.

They set a simple objective to create talking points and they certainly delivered.  So…how are you going to get people talking about your brand?

Read more from the article here.


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