A brand we’d love to rebrand: Aldi

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Move over Morrisons; Aldi is in town

Discount German supermarket Aldi snook onto the grocery scene way back in the 1990s (that’s around the time Bryan Adams told us that (Everything I Do) I Do It For You). By the time Cold Play serenaded us with Viva La Vida Aldi was already beginning to ‘rule the (supermarket) world ‘ making the most of the opportunities a recession hit UK presented. Aldi seemed focussed on challenging the status quo of the ‘big four’ supermarkets and quickly gained market share. Fast forward a few recession/covid/Brexit hit years to 2022 and Aldi proved that things in supermarketland would no longer be ‘As It Was’ (Harry Styles) and they proudly took over Morrisons in the 4 th spot of the supermarket league table (interestingly they still refer to themselves as being the 5th largest supermarket).

Aldi’s growth has been built on financial disruption, offering quality at a lower price to the consumer whilst seemingly also offering familiar products. If you have shopped in Aldi you will be familiar with their lookalike products; sm-affa cakes, s-lurpak butter and s-muller yoghurts (as a friend jokingly refers to their brands). Aldi is known for poking fun at itself and its competitors and unashamedly “admits” to its copycat behaviour in its slogan “Like Brands. Only Cheaper” (who can forget the Colin the caterpillar social media battle which highlighted the legal tightrope Aldi happily walk?). But can mimicking the success of other’s brands keep Aldi at the top, or is it time to forge a name and brand in their own right?

Well…if they did… we’d love to be involved.

Each of Aldi’s own brands closely mimic market leaders or ‘expensive’ brands. Consumersare drawn to them as they look very similar to products they are either accustomed to buying or see as a luxury brand they would like to buy. Aldi have now ‘earnt’ their place in the supermarket dynasty. It is always helpful to watch and learn from others, but Aldi is now at the perfect stage to start establishing their brands and products in their own right. Aldi have already firmly established a brand voice, its tone is clear, fun but friendly and a little bit naughty, it is time the visual brand caught up and showcased some of the uniquely British Aldi style. Feel free to call us anytime Aldi and we’ll help you on that journey!

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